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    Why Buy an Authentic Cowhide Rug?

    Why Buy an Authentic Cowhide Rug?

    Sometimes, going cheaper isn’t necessarily to best or wisest move, especially when it comes to purchasing cowhide rugs. There are plenty of rug companies out there that sell cheaper artificial rugs (“faux” rugs) that are priced at a much lower rate than authentic cowhide rugs. Sounds good, right? Well, it might not sound so good once you find out the benefits you get from an authentic cowhide rug.



    The durability of leather keeps your cowhide rug last lifetime.  And the low-maintenance makes the difference from authentic cowhide rugs to  artificial material made rugs,  it benefits you in long term. 


     They’re Really Easy to Clean

    Not looking forward to the process of cleaning your cowhide rug? Don’t worry – authentic rugs are made of real cowhide so that they’re simple to clean. All it takes is a damp towel or cloth and some water and you can easily scrub the dirt out. Did your puppy run all over rug with dirty paws? No problem, the dirt comes right out. Maybe your child spilled a cup of juice on it. No worries – authentic rugs clean easily. Think of cowhide like the hair on your head. When it gets dirty, you simply add water and soap and it gets clean, right? That’s how cowhide works, too. Just make sure do not soak too much water into your cowhide rug, they are not big fan of water. 

    Cowhide Rugs are ORGANIC! 

    Buying an authentic cowhide rug is like buying food from an organic super market – you know that what you’re getting isn’t processed or laced with chemicals or harmful agents. Authentic cowhide rugs are made of 100% animal skin and they are 100% recycled from meat industry, the long lasting and easy maintenance makes our world a better place. Artificial rugs have several substances and chemicals in them that aren’t made to be ingested by humans. These chemicals also cause them to smell and are usually fire hazards.

    Join Rodeo Cowhide Rugs, Make it simple, Go GREEN! 



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    Acid Wash Cowhide Rugs - The Newest Craze

    Acid Wash Cowhide Rugs - The Newest Craze

    Some people aim for a simple, basic look when it comes to their cowhide rugs. But some look for a little more luxury mixed with fashion. If you fall in the latter category, chances are that acid wash cowhide rugs will grab your attention. These 100% authentic cowhide rugs offer the durability that you’re used to in a rug, with one major difference - the hide is treated with an acid wash that reveals various colorful patterns.


    There are two reasons to add an acid wash cowhide rug to your décor.

    First, they make a bold statement about your home – it lets people know that you’re fashionable and creative.

    And second...well, they’re absolutely gorgeous! Seriously, take one look at the bold mix of colors and patterns on an acid wash cowhide rug and it will be easy to see why so many people love them.

    Acid wash cowhide rugs come in a variety of different colors and styles, so don’t be surprised if one or two catch your eye.

    Some acid wash rugs are dark brown with blue metallic speckles.


    Others are champagne with gold speckles and looks like something out of a royal castle.




    Acid wash cowhide rugs are a pretty new style, so you won’t find too many people who have them. Some people like having rare rugs that aren't commonly found in most homes. If you're one of them, then you'll appreciate the

    Multiple Settings

    The great thing about acid wash rugs is that they work in just about any setting. If you live in a house with dark furniture and dark décor, then a dark acid wash rug would fit in perfectly.


    Or let’s say you’ve got a room with a dark brown tone. A dark chocolate brown acid wash rug would definitely be the perfect cherry on top to complete the décor, right?

    We all know that good, old-fashioned classic cowhides will always fly off the shelves. But acid wash rugs are a delightful new twist in the cowhide rug game.

    Looking for more Rodeo Cowhide rugs from our wide collection? Check us out!