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How to remove creases from your Cowhide Rug


Customers always email us asking: " Hi, I received my cowhide rug, and it is beautiful! But how can I remove the creases?"

The most common way is to lay your cowhide rug flat on the floor. With time, the creases will go away. Putting some heavy furniture or heavy books on the rug will also help. 

Today we are going to share a little trick with you! 

Here is what you will need:

  • A towel 
  • Water
  • Iron 

Dampen the towel, but make sure it's not too wet to where it's dripping water. Put the wet towel on the back side of the cowhide. Cowhides does not like to be soaked in water - the water will damage the leather, so make sure that you DO NOT wet too much of the towel. 

Place the towel on the back of the cowhide (the suede side), making sure it covers the creases you are going to remove.

Now you are halfway there! Put the iron on low heat and gently iron over the towel. Make sure it's not on high heat, because it will damage the leather. 

Congratulations! Now you know how to remove the creases on your cowhide rug! Lay your cowhide rug on the floor upside down (the hairy part should be down on the floor). When the rug is completely cool down, flip it over. Now your new cowhide rug is in perfect shape! 

Be aware that we do not recommend the iron procedure unless it's absolutely necessary to remove the creases. If you do choose to proceed, DO NOT do it too often.

Make sure that iron is set to low heat. Cowhide rugs are authentic leather - they should not be exposed to extreme heat. 

Enjoy your new Rodeo Cowhide Rug!


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