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The Perfect Father's Day Rug For Dad

Father’s Day is right around the corner. Plenty of dads everywhere will be getting neck ties they’ll never wear, tools they’ll never use and gift cards they’ll be too busy to redeem. It would be nice to switch things up and get dad something he can use and see every day…like a nice cowhide rug! Seriously, nothing is better than coming home after a long day at work and resting your feet on a beautiful cowhide rug with soft hair. What kind of rug should you get for that hardworking father/uncle/cousin/friend in your life? Well, there are many choices.


For the guy who likes darker colors mixed with light, this dark-toned rug will tickle his fancy. Take a look at how short and close-cropped the hair on this rug is – it feels fantastic on your skin, but not too hairy to the point where it’s ticklish. It’s the perfect rug to add to a living room where he spends most of his time watching movies and sports when he’s home relaxing.



This rug is perfect for the man who has a little cowboy in him. Take a look at how the dark brown complexion is surrounded by lighter colors – it looks like something you’d find in the Wild West. It would look absolutely gorgeous on wooden floor.




Now this rug just screams masculinity – maybe it’s the brown tone, or maybe it’s the sheer size. Whatever it is, this is one rug that any guy will love to relax on while he watches sports on his off days.


There are plenty of other rugs that dad might like in the Rodeo Cowhide collection – take a look for yourself!

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