Ethically Sourced Cowhide

Go Green with Sustainable Cow Skin Rugs - A Responsible Choice for Stylish Living

All hides used in the creation of Rodeo® Cowhide rugs come from animal farming for the meat industry, so we aren’t producing additional materials to put on the planet. Instead, we use the remains of animals used for food consumption. The leather portion on all of our cowhide rugs online is a 100% natural – it comes directly from nature and will eventually return to its natural state.

We’re proud to know that our cowhide rugs can decorate your home, and we’re even prouder of the fact that our rugs benefit the Earth. Rodeo® Cowhide produces rugs that have an eco-friendly element to them, which is welcome in environmentally-conscious households. Our professional tanneries are able to recycle the hides from the meat industry and then transform them into the beautiful cowhide rugs you see in our catalog.

We just want to make sure we’re doing our part to keep the environment running smoothly.

You’ll also be happy to know that the actual process of creating our cowhides from large to small is an environmentally friendly one. Our tanneries use methods that release a limited amount of pollutants during production, limiting the amount of smoke in the air and keeping the atmosphere cleaner.

Rodeo® Cowhide rugs also have the ability to last for long periods of time when compared to synthetic or fiber rugs. The fact that you can buy a large or small cowhide rug from us and have it last for decades upon decades is an economical benefit. Our cowhide rugs aren’t treated with bleaching agents or other destructive chemicals, so this helps keep the environment (and your home) untainted.

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