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Is Brazilian Cowhide the Best? (Compared to Other Cowhides)

Is Brazilian cowhide rug is the best ?

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Hair on Cowhide has become more and more popular in the last decades, and it has only gotten more popular in the past 2-3 years the trend is still ongoing.

Why do people start paying attention to hair on cowhide?

beige cowhide rug


More patterns of hides are now available. There used to be limited choices when it came to cowhide rugs, typically classic colors like black and white, brown and white, or plain colors. Thanks to crossbreeding, not only has the variety of colors and patterns expanded dramatically, but the textures and durability of the hides themselves have also improved. More benefits of crossbreeding are discussed here.


As the popularity and reputation of cowhide rugs grow, more companies indeed start to introduce cowhide into the market, and more options mean more competition. It is essential to know whom you should be buying from, where their cowhides are coming from, and whether you are being traded fairly. We will discuss this further later in this article.

brown cowhide rug

The characteristics of cowhide 

The transformative potential of cowhides in home decor cannot be overstated, and we've extensively covered this topic in our blog. For more inspiration and insights on how cowhides can enhance your living spaces, we invite you to explore the art of decorating with cowhide.

With all these points listed, like it or not, genuine cowhide is part of our modern life, an interior essential, and a must-have for luxury home decor.

Now let's talk about the various types of cowhides available and how to choose the right one for you.

When it comes to cowhides, Brazilian and Colombian varieties are often compared. However, the primary difference between the two lies in their country of origin, which influences the breeds and quality of the hides. While Brazilian cowhide may be more common due to the country's higher meat production, this does not necessarily mean that all Brazilian cowhides are of the best quality. Similarly, while Colombian cowhide is known for its tricolor pattern and soft, shiny hair, not all Colombian cowhides are of equal quality. Therefore, it is essential to be cautious when purchasing cowhide and to buy only from reputable sources to ensure that you get the best quality for your money.

Now, let us address a frequently asked question:

What is the difference between Brazilian and Colombian cowhide?

Honestly, it primarily boils down to the country of origin.

Each country has its unique weather, pasture, and breeds suited to those conditions.

You may often hear online retailers claim that Brazilian cowhide is the best or overall superior. However, this is not entirely true.

Compared to Colombia or Argentina, which are major competitors in the hair-on cowhide market, Brazil has the largest meat production, which in 2023 grew by 14% compared to 2022, according to Reuters.

We all know that all hair-on cowhides are recycled from the meat industry; more meat production means more hides.

When there are so many hides from the meat industry, there is increased production for hair-on cowhide and leather industries.

This encourages tanneries to produce more hides or motivates more businessmen to start tannery businesses.


Is Brazilian cowhide the best quality?

As the old saying goes: there are good apples and there are bad apples.

There are tanneries that know how to treat hides, using high-quality materials and high-tech machines to produce top-quality hides. However, there are also tanneries that cut corners just to profit, or small, startup tanneries that are new to the business and may not provide the same quality Brazilian cowhide as more established ones. So, the answer to the question is no, not all Brazilian cowhides are the best quality.

When it comes to choosing cowhides, be very careful who you purchase from, here is an article about how to buy cowhide online you will find helpful.

Colombia is famous for its tricolor cowhide, this special breed was introduced from Europe, and is a crossbreeding, of Colombian cattle.


When you encounter references to "European breed" or "European cowhide" on the internet, it typically means the cowhide was tanned in Colombia. This terminology points to the ancestry of Colombian cowhide, which was introduced approximately 400 years ago and is most commonly known as Colombian cowhide.

Many reputable Colombian tanneries, with a long history in the cowhide business, utilize top-quality raw materials to process their hides. The resulting cowhides are exceptionally soft, with shiny hair and a heavyweight feel.

Colombia is known for producing the majority of tricolor cowhides, though it also produces solid colors like brown, black, and gray in smaller quantities. Nature has blessed Colombia richly, making the tricolor cowhide one of the most beautiful and popular in the market. The variation in color patterns and shades offers multiple choices, although some are the same.

Now, to address the question: Does Brazil produce the best cowhide? Not necessarily.

Argentina is also one of the largest meat exporters. However, they primarily use their hides for finished leather products, known as wet blue, which are used in items such as leather shoes, leather sofas, and other leather fashion items.

India and Pakistan are also on the list of hair-on hide exporters. They excel in making leather jackets and leather bags, but when it comes to hair-on cowhide, commonly referred to as cowhide rugs, it is not their strongest offering.

The takeaway

Choose the right cowhide for you! Is it the right size for my intended use? Is this the right color? Is this the pattern I'm looking for? Don't be limited by the marketing: the claim that Brazilian cowhide is the best is not necessarily true.

How much do cowhide rugs cost?

Having a clear budget is essential. A good quality cowhide in a small size (5x5-5x6 ft) can cost anywhere from $150-$200, a medium to large size (5x7-6x7 ft) is around $200-$300, and an extra-large size (7x7-7x8 ft) could be $250 to $400. Some rare breeds' color patterns may cost more. Check out Rodeo's cowhide collection.

Rodeo offers not only high-quality cowhide rugs but also exceptional value. Both our Brazilian Cowhides and Colombian cowhides are top-selling products, ensuring you'll find the perfect rug for your home right here.

There are cheaper prices in the market; if it's significantly less expensive than these ranges, you need to think twice—is it good quality? When the best cowhides are selected by top tanneries, someone has to take the rest, which compromises the quality of the cowhide rug you will receive.

Online purchasing is challenging when it comes to cowhide rugs. If you don't compare, you won't know how the cowhides differ between different companies, especially if you're a first-time buyer.

You may find a company with good reviews, a top ranking, and fair prices, but they might not offer the best value for what you are paying. If you're interested in selecting a lifetime piece to keep and pass on within the family, and are willing to spend time doing some research before you purchase, be sure to compare different vendors and choose a company with an easy return policy. This way, you have a straightforward exit.

If a company is confident in its product, it should offer customers the convenience of returning items without any restrictions such as restocking fees or stringent return time frames.

As we conclude our comparison of Brazilian cowhide with other varieties, it's evident that tanning quality significantly influences the final product. Whether Brazilian cowhide is the best for your needs depends on factors like texture, durability, aesthetic appeal, and especially tanning quality. Assess these aspects in light of your decor goals to determine if Brazilian cowhide meets your standards and brings the desired enhancement to your space.

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