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How to Clean Your Cowhide Rug


You might be under the impression that to clean a cowhide rug it takes a lot of time, effort and maybe even some money that you might not have on you at the time. But you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that cleaning a cowhide rug isn’t at all a difficult task. In fact, sometimes the process can be as simple as taking it outside and giving it a good, hard shake to remove some of the debris. Once you’ve done this, quickly vacuum it to ensure all dirt and dust particles are completely removed. Although Rodeo™ brand cowhide rugs are practically indestructible, we still highly recommend that you vacuum in the direction of the hair growth to prevent any damage to the rug.

If properly maintained and cared for, your prized possession should last a lifetime - as long as you follow our tips on how to clean a cowhide rug. A majority of common stains can be easily removed by simply applying soap and gently scrubbing with a damp sponge. Steam cleaning the rug is also an option - just don’t put too much water on the hide, because the cowhide leather should not get soaking wet. The last thing you want is for the rug to risk any damage that will have you in the hunt for another rug because your first one got damaged.

You don’t necessarily have to go the soap and water route when it comes to cleaning a cowhide rug. As with any area rug, spraying your cowhide rug with a fabric/upholstery protector will help keep it clean. We highly recommend using our patented Rodeo™ Cowhide Cleaner, as it gently removes soiling from both the hair and leather surfaces of all cowhide floor rugs.

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