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5 Reasons to Get a Cowhide Rug for Your Apartment

Congratulations on moving into your new apartment! You’re probably super-excited about your new living quarters and are eager to finish unpacking and getting out to explore the complex/building and maybe even introducing yourself to your neighbors. But before you do that, you’ve got one more thing to add to your to-do list: and that’s to buy a cowhide rug. “Why a cowhide rug” you ask? Well, we’ve got a couple of reasons why you should strongly consider it.

1. No Carpet? No Problem!

There’s a good chance that you moved into an apartment unit that has no carpeting. If the prospect of walking on cold, hard tile or wooden floors doesn’t appeal to you, then adding a cowhide rug will solve this problem. Not only does a rug make a bold fashion statement, it also makes up for the absence of carpeting.

2. Brighten Up the Place

No one wants to live in a place with bland décor or a boring layout. You want to impress guests, family and friends when they come over to visit. One of the best ways to do this is to add a cowhide rug somewhere highly visible, like your living room. Pick a color that you like best – maybe you like the dark chocolate brown rug, or maybe a lighter, sand-colored rug more fits your style. Remember that a dark-colored rug matches perfectly with a light floor, while a light-colored rug tends to bring out the best of a darker floor.

3. A Welcome Touch

You might live in a place where management won’t allow you to place any welcome mats outside of your door. So the next best thing is to place a smaller calfskin rug just inside of your doorway, as it will be the first thing guests and visitors see when they enter and it helps them feel warm and welcome.

4. Helps Keep Your Apartment Clean

It might be rainy or muddy outside and the last thing you want is for someone to leave a track of mud over your apartment. Putting a rug inside of the door gives them a convenient place to wipe their shoes before they enter the main sections of your house. This in turn helps your apartment stay tidy, because not everyone has time to maintain their rug with a great cowhide rug cleaner.

5. No More Echoes

If you’ve moved into a larger apartment with not much furniture to soak up sound, then you might experience some echoes. One of the best items you can add to absorb that sound is to place a rug in the area where the echo is most noticeable, whether it’s in a hallway or a specific room. This will be a great way to reduce the echo.

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