Howdy! Join our RODEO family! - Rodeo Cowhide Rugs

Howdy! Join our RODEO family!

What else can I do with my RODEO cowhide rug?
  • House warming, special event, gifting, bring a highlight to your lovely home, we have all you need!
  • Our hides are perfect for upholstery! Give your furniture a new look with RODEO cowhide!
  • Do you know that we also have cowhide scraps? DIY lovers they love to purchase our cowhide remnants to decorate their jewelry boxes, earrings, make a patch to their old purses, one customer even patched a guitar with our scraps!
It is amazing how these lovely natural creatures brings live and ideas to us!
Cowhides are more durable than faux cowhide , they are leather, can handle heavier traffic and stands for luxury. Unlike other leather items, these beauty are easier to taking care, you do not need to worry about if they winkle, or shrink , use leather protection to maintain every month to prevent its damaging. Just lay them on your floor and enjoy! With the beautiful hair on, you do not need to worry any of above that leather product demands, oh yes, just use your favorite vacuum or broom even a brush! Lazy times just take then outdoor to shake a bit !
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