About: Rodeo Cowhide Rugs

Welcome to Rodeo, a Texas-based company nestled in the vibrant heart of Dallas, TX, and the quintessential destination for those who seek to embrace the timeless allure of cowhide rugs. Explore our journey, dedicated to preserving the rugged beauty and rich heritage of the Wild West, through our distinctive collections and ethical practices.

Rodeo: Where the Spirit of the Wild West Meets Contemporary Elegance

Hand-Selected Elegance: At Rodeo, we meticulously hand-select each cowhide rug to ensure that every piece captures the authentic charm and unique markings that make them one-of-a-kind. From the sweeping plains to the majestic mountains, our cowhide rugs embody the untamed spirit of the West. Browse our curated collections to bring nature's beauty into your home.

Responsible and Cruelty-Free: Our commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices is the foundation of our brand. We work in close collaboration with reputable tanneries that share our values, guaranteeing that each cowhide rug is sourced responsibly and cruelty-free.

Transformative Interior Design: Experience the power of interior design with Rodeo Cowhide Rugs. Our cowhide rugs add warmth and texture to your space, while also standing as captivating statement pieces that ignite conversations and spark creativity. Explore the possibilities that our rugs offer in enhancing your home.

Diverse Collections for Every Style: We take immense pride in curating a diverse collection that caters to every style and taste. Whether you seek a rustic touch for your farmhouse, a bold accent for your modern loft, or a chic addition to your bohemian oasis, our cowhide rugs seamlessly blend the Wild West's essence into any interior.

Product Sections:

On Sale Cowhides: Discover exclusive offers on our cowhide rugs.

Cowhide Bags: Explore stylish and functional accessories with our Cowhide Bag Collection.

Calfskin Rugs: Experience the luxury of our calfskin rugs, perfect for a touch of elegance.

Cowhide Patchwork: Delve into our innovative Cowhide Patchwork Collection, a unique blend of tradition and modern design.

Cowhide Pillows: Elevate your decor with our Cowhide Pillows, the perfect complement to our rugs.

Wholesale Inquiries: Are you interested in wholesale opportunities? Explore our Cowhide Wholesale Program to learn more about how we can work together.

Embark on a captivating adventure with us and explore the world of Western cowhide rugs. Welcome to Rodeo, where the untamed essence of the Wild West converges with contemporary elegance, and every cowhide rug narrates a story of rugged beauty and timeless allure.


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