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Fun Cowhide Projects for Your Home

Fun Cowhide Projects for Your Home

Cowhide is all the rage these days, and why not? It's beautiful, fun, and adds a bit of Old-West chic to your home decor. While most folks incorporate cowhide in the form of rugs and throw pillows, there are endless clever ways to use cowhide in your home. All you need are a few scraps of cowhide leather, a few simple supplies that you probably have on hand, and a little free time to make them happen. Here, then, are three cowhide projects you can make to bring some western Wow! into your rooms.



1.   Cowhide Coasters

Cowhide coasters are a fun way to protect your fine furniture from unsightly rings. Find or draw a small cowhide rug template, or choose a shape like circles or squares for your coasters. Trace the template onto the back of your cowhide, and use sharp scissors to cut it out.  Glue the cowhide to a square of cork. When it's dry, use a sharp X-Acto knife to trim the cork so it's the same shape as the cowhide. Voila!

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2.Cowhide Light Switch Plates

Covering your light switch plates in cowhide is a subtle way to add some quirky Western flair to your favorite room. Trace the light switch plate onto the back of the cowhide, and cut it out. Use an X-Acto knife or very sharp scissors to clip out the opening for the switch, and use a hole puncher to make holes for the screws. Hot glue the cover onto the plastic plate, let it cool and install it. 

3.Transform an Old Dresser

Use upholstery tacks to attach cowhide to the fronts of the drawers on a thrift-store dresser for a dramatic touch that'll have your friends talking about how clever you are behind your back. Carefully cut the cowhide to the right shape, and punch or cut holes where the drawer pulls will attach. Use glue and upholstery tacks to affix them into place on the drawers. 


You don't have to limit your cowhide to coasters, switch plates, and dresser drawers, of course. Cowhide can be used in countless ways to "beef" up your home decor. Consider covering lamp shades, picture or mirror frames, your bed frame, a footstool, ottoman, or your dining chairs in cowhide. You can use it to make a table runner, a wall hanging, or a welcome mat. The possibilities are endless--all you need is some cowhide and your brilliant imagination to create all manner of eye-catching art pieces and accessories for your home.


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