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How to make extra income with cowhide

Why Reselling Cowhide Is a Great Way to Make Extra Income

Did you know that a cowhide can help you make extra income quickly and easily?

Cowhide rugs offer an excellent opportunity for making extra income while utilizing your spare time efficiently. We all look for ways to make extra income to put our spare time to productive use, help with family expenses, or treat ourselves to something special. However, we don't want these side ventures to take up too much of our family time. Ideally, we seek opportunities that are less time-consuming yet offer a good return on investment without requiring a significant initial outlay. Let me suggest an excellent option: cowhide rug.

Let me break down why cowhide rugs are an excellent choice for spending a little time to make a good profit margin in your spare time, with the potential to grow into a larger business if you decide to expand.

A western breeze everybody loves

In recent years, Western elements have surged in popularity, becoming a prominent trend in various aspects of lifestyle and design. This resurgence can be seen in fashion, home decor, and even entertainment. People are increasingly drawn to the rustic charm and rugged elegance that Western styles offer, embracing elements such as cowboy boots, denim, leather, fringes, turquoise, and gemstones. In home decor, the trend manifests through the use of natural materials like wood and leather, alongside motifs of cowhide rugs, antler decorations, and vintage horse saddles. The Western aesthetic brings a sense of authenticity, simplicity, and connection to nature that resonates deeply in our fast-paced, modern world. This widespread appeal is a testament to the timeless allure and versatile nature of Western-inspired elements.

People are very fond of Western-inspired accessories, and when it comes to transforming their living spaces, a cowhide rug is often the first thing that comes to mind. These rugs instantly infuse a room with a welcoming Western aroma and embody the prestigious tradition of American style. Whether used as a statement piece or a subtle accent, cowhide rugs bring a touch of rustic elegance and authenticity that enhances any decor. The unique patterns and natural textures of cowhide rugs not only add visual interest but also celebrate the timeless allure of American heritage.

Easy to start

Drop Shipping

If you have extra time and are considering giving cowhide a try, let’s get started. First, if you don’t want to invest any money yet, you might want to try drop shipping. Drop shipping is a smart way to start your virtual business with minimal financial risk. Here’s how it works:

  1. Find Your Resource Online: Look for reputable suppliers that offer drop shipping services for cowhide rugs.
  2. List the Product on Your Preferred Platform: You can list the cowhide rugs on popular platforms like eBay, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, or local apps such as OfferUp, LetGo, 5miles, and more. If you have a good number of followers, social media is also a great place to start. TikTok and Instagram are very popular with audiences interested in home decor and Western themes.These platforms are great for reaching potential customers without a significant upfront investment.
  3. Manage Orders: When you receive an order, purchase the cowhide rug from your resource supplier, entering your customer’s shipping address and name. Be sure to request the seller not to include an invoice or to mark the item as a gift to prevent your customer from seeing the original purchase price.

Keep in mind that while drop shipping is a convenient way to start reselling cowhide rugs, there is a risk that the product you listed might be sold out by the time you receive an order. If this happens, you’ll need to cancel the order.

However, since each cowhide rug is unique, you can often ship a similar rug of the same breed, provided you mention this in the product description. This flexibility can help you manage customer expectations and minimize cancellations.

Here is a collection of same breed cowhide collection to avoid cancellation. Our Brazilian cowhide rug and Colombian cowhide rug collections are also excellent choices for drop shipping services.


If you are ready to stock inventory, congratulations! You’re diving deeper into the business and will soon experience the real rewards. Why is that? Let me explain. We all know that cowhide is a natural product, and each one is unique. This makes it a very prestigious commodity. Like antiques, every cowhide rug is one-of-a-kind, and you won’t find another exactly like it. This uniqueness adds significant value. People are willing to pay top dollar to own it because they know they won’t find another just like it. They are like art collections. If you come across a truly nice, high-quality cowhide rug, don’t miss the opportunity! I guarantee that someone out there is looking for it!

I know you are going to ask the following question: does this sound expensive? Not necessarily! If you find the right supplier who is a true wholesale cowhide dealer, it shouldn’t cost you more than $200 for a beautiful, high-quality cowhide rug that retails for $500. Purchasing cowhides is like opening a box of chocolates, full of surprises—good surprises, of course, if you work with a reputable supplier. Bring your fashion sense, intuition, vision, or open mind, select inventory you think will sell fast, and start making money with cowhide!

We have curated this collection of pre-selected cowhides for those who seek exclusiveness and uniqueness. This collection is ideal for stocking and reselling because these cowhides are specially selected for customers who want to purchase exactly what they see in the listed photos. Once sold, you won’t find another like it. This makes them perfect for stocking but not suitable for drop shipping.

How much does it take to start?

Drop Shipping: 2 Hours Time, Zero Dollar Investment 

Starting a drop shipping business can be a quick and efficient way to earn extra income. Here’s how you can get started in just a few hours:

1.Setup an Online Account:

  • It takes approximately 20 minutes to set up an account on eBay, Etsy, or social media platforms like Instagram. Many of you may already have accounts, so you can simply open a selling account.
  • For local apps like OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace, getting started is very straightforward. Just hit the "list item" button, and you're ready to go!
2.List Your Items:
  • Once you know which cowhide rugs you want to sell, take high-quality photos and write detailed item descriptions.
  • Upload the photos and descriptions to your chosen platform. Your listing will go live instantly!
3.Manage Your Listings:
  • Regularly check your listings to ensure they are up-to-date.
  • Respond promptly to any inquiries from potential buyers.
4.Ship Your Item and Get Paid:
  • Once you receive an order, your customer has already paid for the item.
  • Next, purchase the item from your supplier and request them to ship it directly to your customer's address.
  • This means your money is secure. While you may need to pay your supplier upfront, most websites will release your payment once the supplier provides a valid tracking number.
Payment timelines vary: some websites may pay you within 2-3 business days, while others may take longer, depending on their policies and your account level.

    Resell: 2 Hours time, $100 Investment to start

    Play with your cowhide, be the boss! There are many ways to resell once you have the cowhide rug in hand. It’s yours to showcase! Be creative and use various platforms to reach your audience:

    1.Create Engaging Content: Make videos or take photos to highlight the best features of your cowhide rug. Use platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels to create fun, professional, or practical displays of your product.

    2.Leverage Social Media: Post regularly on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media platforms. Share both engaging and informative content to attract potential buyers.

    3.List Online: Use eBay, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and other online platforms to list your cowhide rug. Since you’ll be shipping the item yourself, you can offer shorter delivery times, which buyers love.

    4.Blog About It: Write articles on your blog and include purchasable links to your cowhide rug. This can help drive traffic and sales directly from your content.

    5.Explore Local Markets: If you enjoy flea markets or farmers' markets, these are excellent venues to sell your cowhide rugs in person. You can interact directly with customers, address their concerns, have a real laugh, and close deals face-to-face. Find a flea market near you here

    6.Expand Your Existing Business: If you already own an e-commerce website or store, great! You'll find that cowhide rugs make a fantastic addition to your product lineup. These unique and stylish items can attract new customers and complement your existing offerings, enhancing your overall business appeal.

    Profit Margin 

    The profit margin for cowhide rugs can vary depending on several factors such as the quality of the cowhide, the source of the product, the market demand, and your selling platform. However, typical profit margins for cowhide rugs are often quite substantial.

    Wholesale Purchase: If you buy cowhide rugs at wholesale prices, you might spend around $100 to $200 per rug.

    Retail Pricing: High-quality cowhide rugs can be sold for anywhere from $300 to $600 or more, depending on their size, pattern, and condition.

    Given these figures, the profit margin can range from 50% to 200%. For example:

    • Low-End Margin: Purchase at $200 and sell at $300 = $100 profit (50% margin).
    • High-End Margin: Purchase at $100 and sell at $500 = $400 profit (400% margin).

    Ultimately, your profit margin will depend on your sourcing strategy, pricing, and ability to market and sell the rugs effectively.

    Check out our wholesale program! We have a fair pricing policy designed to ensure all our customers can confidently work with us while maintaining a profitable business.

    Great potential for growth

    The cowhide business has significant potential for growth. It's not just about cowhide rugs; it's about everything cowhide! From cowhide pillows and purses to table accessories and even Christmas decorations, cowhide is a versatile material perfect for various purposes. Whether it's upholstery, furniture, clothing, or fashion accessories, there are countless ways to expand your product line and boost your sales.

    Diversifying your offerings with cowhide accessories and pillows can attract a broader customer base and increase your conversion rates.

    Check out our collection of cowhide accessories and cowhide pillows to see how you can enhance your inventory and grow your business!

    Keep your books in order

    Starting a cowhide business can be very rewarding, but it's important to keep your financial records organized. This helps you handle taxes correctly and keep track of your earnings and expenses. By staying on top of your finances, you'll make better business decisions and ensure your business runs smoothly and successfully.

    The takeaway

    Now you know the steps on how to spend little time and investment to make extra money with cowhide. I hope this blog has helped you. I wish everyone success in their cowhide business—it is so much fun and has brought me so much joy! Contact us if you have any questions; we are here for you! Happy selling!

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