Branding A Cowhide Rug

Laser Branding Services for Cowhide Rugs

Make your cowhide unique with our latest laser technology for custom branding your cowhide rug, we offer precision branding for cowhide rugs, cowhide products, allowing for intricate designs and personalized touches that truly make your cowhide rug one of a kind.

Why Choose Laser Branding for Your Cowhide Rug?

Laser branding offers a clean, precise method to add logos, monograms, or artistic designs directly onto the surface of your cowhide rug. This method ensures high-quality results that maintain the integrity and beauty of the natural hide.

How It Works:

  1. Consultation: Discuss your design ideas with our experts to refine and finalize the artwork.
  2. Preview: Receive a digital preview of your branded design for approval before the branding process.
  3. Branding: We use state-of-the-art laser technology to carefully brand your chosen design onto the rug.
  4. Quality Check: Every branded rug undergoes a thorough quality check to ensure the branding is perfect and the rug maintains its premium quality.


  • Home Decor: Personalize your living space with a uniquely branded cowhide rug.
  • Business Branding: Enhance your office or business space with a rug featuring your company logo.
  • Gifts: Provide a truly personalized gift for special occasions.

Why is it important to use cowhides with shorter hair for laser engraving technology?

For laser engraving technology, smooth, light-colored cowhide rugs with shorter hair are ideal. These hides provide a clean and even surface that allows for clearer and more precise engravings. Darker cowhides can also be used, but the engraving results might not be as visible. It’s crucial to use cowhides with short hair because the laser can burn off thicker, longer hair, which prevents it from properly engraving the actual skin underneath.

How large can the letters or graphics be that you engrave?

Currently, for optimal results, RODEO can engrave letter sizes of 1x1 inches or graphics (such as logos) up to 2x2 inches, which is perfect for subtle messages, initials, or company logos.

Can I engrave on the backside of my cowhide rug?

Absolutely! It actually looks even better on the backside!

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