How to clean a cowhide rug

Our Cowhide Rugs aren’t just fascinating to look at - they’re also very easy to care for. A dash of soap and water mixed with vacuuming is usually all that’s needed to keep your cowhide rug looking brand new.

  • Steam cleaning is also an option for getting stains out of your rug, as long as you use a small amount of water on towel. You definitely don’t want to let the cowhides get soaking wet, since it can ruin them.
  • Using a brush is another viable option for cleaning the rugs, as it eliminates the dust and dirt. Be sure to brush accordingly to the growth of the hair for best results.
  • If you find that a brush alone isn’t getting the job done, then use carpet cleaner. Apply it on the desired area of the cowhide carpet and then scrub the area with a sponge and allow it to sit and dry – this may take around 10 minutes. Once the area is completely dry, use the brush to smooth out the hair.
  • Just in case you spill any liquid on the cowhide, immediately wipe it with a wet cloth.
  • If you’re in an extremely humid area, you will definitely want to let the hide lie out in the sun once or twice a month.

We offer a wide selection of cowhide rugs that are not only are dazzling to look at, they're also very easy to clean and care for. Applying soap and water onto the cowhide and gently scrubbing with a sponge is usually all that is needed to keep your large cowhide rug looking brand spanking new. We also recommend a periodic vacuuming. Steam cleaning is also an effective option to keep your cowhide rugs spotless – just make sure you don’t let the cowhide leather get too moist.

Using a brush is a great way to remove dust and dirt particles from your rug. Remember to brush according to the growth of the hair for optimum results.

How to clean a small or large cowhide rug with brush and shampoo

If you need to try something a little bit stronger, apply some our cowhide shampoo on the soiled area of your brown cowhide rug. Use a sponge to brush the stains out and let the rug lie there for 10 minutes.

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Once the area is completely dry, use the brush to smooth out the hair. At this point, the fur should have its natural shine restored, giving it a sleek, brand-new look.

Learn how to care for your white, black, or brown cowhide rug.

In case of any spillage, use a wet cloth to wipe the soiled area clean. If you live in a warm area with a humid atmosphere, we recommend laying the cowhide rug out in the sun once or twice a month. 

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